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CDN Plans and Pricing

CDN Plans and Pricing

Please Note: All pricing information and amounts are correct at the time of this writing, but are subject to change at any time. While we will do our best to keep this document up to date, please be aware that your QUIC.cloud Dashboard is the final authority when it comes to pricing, credits, quota and bandwidth.

QUIC.cloud CDN offers two plans to fit your needs:

  • The Free Plan: a simple, no-cost plan with unlimited bandwidth, but certain other limits
  • The Standard Plan: a full-service plan with advanced security features and regional pricing

Plan Differences

CDN Nodes6 selected PoPs in NA and EUGlobal network of 84 PoPs
BandwidthUnlimitedFirst several GB free, additional may be purchased
SecurityBasicConfigurable DDos Protection, reCAPTCHA, Traffic Management, XML-RPC Blocking, WordPress Security, Access Control
AnalyticsRecent onlyAvailable for a full year
CostFreeBandwidth charged by Region

The Free Plan is somewhat self-explanatory, but the Standard Plan, while full-featured and flexible, may need a bit more explaining. The Standard Plan is explored further, below.

NOTE: These plans are CDN plans only. To learn more about pricing for QUIC.cloud’s Online Services for WordPress, please see All About Quota and Credits.

PoP Locations

You can see the exact locations of the 84 PoPs in our Standard Plan’s global network, here.

The 6 PoPs in the Free Plan are floating PoPs. There is one PoP in each of these regions, but the exact locations will vary depending on network traffic and other factors:

  • United States: East
  • United States: Central
  • United States: West
  • Europe: East
  • Europe: Central
  • Europe: West

The Standard Plan

Here’s what you need to know about the Standard Plan, in the simplest possible terms:

  • In order to use QUIC.cloud CDN, you need bandwidth quota.
  • Bandwidth quota is paid for with credits.
  • QUIC.cloud gives you free credits every month, but if you need more, you can buy some in the QUIC.cloud shop.

Credit Usage

You can see the status of your credit usage on the CDN screen of your dashboard.

Bandwidth Pricing

Under the Standard Plan, QUIC.cloud CDN charges for bandwidth on a regional basis. As of this writing, these are the prices for bandwidth in each region, in effect as of May 1, 2023:

North America20 credits/GB
Europe20 credits/GB
Russia40 credits/GB
Latin America80 credits/GB
Asia80 credits/GB
Oceania80 credits/GB
Middle East80 credits/GB
Africa80 credits/GB

Each domain is automatically given free credits every month to put towards the cost of bandwidth.

Some important notes:

  • We will always notify you in writing before any price change goes into effect
  • Russia is processed as a separate region from Europe as it has its own set of content rules different from the rest of the region.

Free Credits

Every month as a Standard Plan user, your domain will receive a number of free credits. This number is determined by your domain’s tier, and the price of bandwidth for the North America region.

Tier 1 (Basic) domains get enough credits to pay for 1GB of traffic through the North America region. As of this writing, 1GB costs 20 credits. So, if your domain is Tier 1, you get 20 free credits every month.

Tier 2 (LiteSpeed) gets enough for 5GB, or 100 credits.

Tier 3 (LiteSpeed Enterprise) gets enough for 10GB, or 200 credits.

If you need more credits, you can purchase them in the store. If you purchase in larger quantities, you get more credits for your money, up to 30%. Credits never expire, so if you load up now, you can continue to dip into your balance for as long as it lasts.

Credit Balances

Credits you purchase in the store are an account-level currency and may be applied to the acquisition of additional bandwidth for any domain managed by the account.

Account-level credit balances roll over at the end of the month. They never expire.

Once you have a credit balance, you can use the credits to purchase one-off Pay-As-You-Go bandwidth boosts. This same credit balance may also be used to purchase optimization services

Standard Plan FAQ

Do I have to use my free credits in the North American region?

Not at all! We use North America for calculation purposes only. If your traffic is primarily in Asia or Oceanea or any other region, the free credits will be spent in those regions.

Free credits are not pre-allocated. They will be spent in real time, regardless of which regions your traffic is flowing through.

For example, if your domain is in Tier 3 and is allocated 200 credits, but all of your traffic comes in from Asia, then your free credits will be used up after 2.5GB of bandwidth through Asia (because 1GB costs 80 credits in the Asia region).

Do my free credits increase if the cost of bandwidth increases?

Yes. If the cost for bandwidth ever changes in the North America region, your free monthly credit allowance will increase or decrease accordingly. That said, we don’t intend to change our prices often.

I ordered credits but I don’t see them in my account. What can I do?

When you purchased credits, you should have received an Order is Complete email. Inside that email is a link to view the status of your credits. Click the link. For more detailed instructions, please see Missing Credits After Order.

If I don’t use all of my free credits, do they roll over?

Free credits do not roll over. At the beginning of each month, no matter how much bandwidth the domain has or has not used, the free credit allowance resets.

If I don’t use all of my purchased credit balance, does it roll over?

Yes! Credits purchased in our store are yours to keep. They never expire, and they roll over from month to month.

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