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Missing Credits After Order

When you place an order for more credits, you should see the following screen after the order is submitted:

There will be a blue bar that says:

The order is in pending. Please wait for the order to be completed before refilling. Please refresh this page to see if the order status is changed, or wait 23s for auto refresh

After a few moments of waiting, the credits should be successfully applied to your credit balance, and you should see this:

A green bar that says

Congratulations, your credit is refilled.

If you leave the page before seeing this confirmation, or for some reason the credits are not applied to your balance, do not worry! You can still refill your balance manually.

Refill Your Balance Manually

Look for an email message from billing@quic.cloud entitled New Order [order #]. This email contains a link that will bring you back to the confirmation page. At that point, one of two things may happen.

You may see the green confirmation message above, in which case your credit has been refilled and you are done.

Otherwise, you will see this:

A red bar that says:

You are not logged in to QUIC.cloud dashboard. Please log into dashboard. After successful login, click here to refill your account. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you see this red bar, do as it instructs (log into your dashboard, and then go back to click the refill link). After that, your newly-purchased credits will be applied to your account balance.

If you still do not see the credits recorded in your account after you’ve tried these steps, please save a screenshot of your account Dashboard, open a ticket, and share the screenshot with us so that we can look into the issue.

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