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QUIC.cloud provides several services for WordPress websites. One of these services is a CDN, or Content Delivery Network.

QUIC.cloud CDN speeds up delivery of your site in two important ways: caching and global delivery.


It takes PHP, database queries, and other expensive resources to generate a dynamic WordPress page. QUIC.cloud CDN uses the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress to capture cached "snapshots" of your site’s pages as they are generated. Then, for all future requesst, those simple static snapshots are served. This saves time and precious resources.

Global Network

QUIC.cloud CDN employs a global network of 75 PoP locations. This means that wherever your visitor lives, there is potentially a PoP nearby. Serving your visitor’s request from a local PoP is much faster than serving it from somewhere on the other side of the planet.

Compare to Other CDNs

QUIC.cloud’s integration with LiteSpeed Cache is what separates it from other CDN solutions. With intelligent caching available at the CDN level, content is kept up-to-date and is served quickly, with fewer trips back and forth between the origin server.

See our blog for more reasons why QUIC.cloud may be better for your WordPress site than other CDN solutions.

Get Started With QUIC.cloud CDN

First, you will want to get familiar with our pricing plans. We have a Free Plan, which gives you unlimited bandwidth, but has fewer features than our Standard Plan. The two plans are easy to switch between, so don’t worry too much about what you start with. You can always move to the other plan if your needs change.

Our Onboarding article will get you set up and ready to use QUIC.cloud.

Once you’re done with that, you can explore the articles below, if you wish to learn more about the configurable security options available, or you need help setting up your DNS.


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