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Welcome to QUIC.cloud! Whether you are here for the WordPress Services, or for the Content Delivery Network, we can help you get started in no time!


Automatic Setup

As of v5.0, the LiteSpeed Cache plugin has a wizard to walk you through QUIC.cloud CDN setup. This is a nice option for you if:

  • you want to use QUIC.cloud’s CDN service
  • you want to switch to QUIC.cloud’s DNS service for your domain

If both of these apply to you, see our LiteSpeed Cache plugin documentation to give automatic setup a try. If automatic setup is successful, then you can skip the rest of this Onboarding guide.

Manual Setup

Getting set up with QUIC.cloud can have one step or as many as six, depending on what services you plan to use. This may look complicated, but don’t worry! Many of these steps simply involve pressing a button.

This guide will walk you through the process. Here’s what we’ll cover:


  • Pairing WordPress and QUIC.cloud

CDN Users, Optional for Online Services Users

  • Creating a QUIC.cloud account

CDN Users Only

  • Pointing Your DNS to QUIC.cloud
  • Enabling the CDN
  • Adding QUIC.cloud IPs to Allowlist
  • Verifying the CDN is working

First Step

See Pairing WordPress and QUIC.cloud to get started.


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