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Enabling the CDN

Once your DNS is configured, there are a few simple steps to get started using the CDN:

  1. Turn on QUIC.cloud CDN in WordPress
  2. Add your server IP in QUIC.cloud
  3. Enable CDN in QUIC.cloud

Here they are described in more detail.

Turn on QUIC.cloud CDN

Turn on CDN in WordPress Plugin

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > CDN, set QUIC.cloud CDN to ON, and press the Save Changes button.

Add Your Server IP

Add Server IP

Go back to your QUIC.cloud Dashboard. If you are not already on the Services Overview page for your domain, you can get there by either clicking your domain name on the my.quic.cloud page, or access it directly at https://my.quic.cloud/dm/example.com (where example.com is your domain name). Click on Settings in the top navigation bar, set Server IP to your domain’s IP address, and press the Save Settings button.

If you don’t know your site’s IP address, open your browser’s developer tools, go to the Network tab, load up a page on your site, and look for the Remote Address response header.

Enable the CDN

Enable CDN at QUIC.cloud

Navigate to CDN from the top navigation menu and press the Enable CDN button.

From there, QUIC.cloud may walk you through additional setup screens, especially if your DNS is not yet verified. If everything is fine with your DNS, then within a few minutes the CDN should be enabled and an SSL certificate automatically generated. This will take a few minutes. You can click the Refresh Status link if you are impatient.

Video Instructions

Next Step

See Adding QUIC.cloud IPs to Allowlist to continue.

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