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Online Services

QUIC.cloud provides Online Services for WordPress optimization, separate from our CDN service. These services include Image Optimization, Critical CSS, Unique CSS, Viewport Images, and Low-Quality Image Placeholders.

You do not have to be a CDN customer to use QUIC.cloud Online Services.

These services are available individually and each has its own pricing structure, which you can learn more about in Quota and Credits for Online Services.

Before using any of these services, you will need to pair WordPress and QUIC.cloud. Once that is done, you will control usage of your Online Services through the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin.

Do You Need an Account?

A QUIC.cloud account is not required in order to use Online Services. QUIC.cloud provides a certain amount of free monthly quota to everyone, even those who use the services anonymously. When your quota runs out, services will simply be suspended until the beginning of the next month, when free quota regenerates.

If you wish to purchase additional quota, monitor your service usage, or subscribe to packages, you will need a QUIC.cloud account. See Creating a QUIC.cloud Account for more details.


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