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Optimizing Images

QUIC.cloud provides image optimization services to LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress. This service makes your images more efficient and faster to transmit.

You don’t need to have a QUIC.cloud account to use Image Optimization, but you do need an API key, which you can get by pairing WordPress and QUIC.cloud. You should only need to do this once, so if you’ve already paired WordPress and QUIC.cloud for some other service, you should be good to go.

There are two Image Optimization queues:

  • Standard Queue, which is free for everyone, and usage is unlimited.
  • Fast Queue, which comes with a free monthly quota (you can purchase more when you run out, if you wish).

Configuring and Using Image Optimization

By default, the service optimizes JPG and PNG images, but can be configured to also generate WebP images at the same time. Other configurable options include:

  • Behavior of the request and pull crons
  • What to do with original image backups
  • Quality level and losslessness (or not) of the optimization
  • Whether to preserve image EXIF data

Images from your WordPress Media Library are sent to QUIC.cloud in batches. QUIC.cloud performs the optimization using QUIC.cloud’s own service nodes so there is no impact on your server performance. Finally, QUIC.cloud notifies WordPress to pick up the optimized images for use on your site.

Because Image Optimization is configured and controlled in the LiteSpeed plugin, we have only provided an overview here in our QUIC.cloud Knowledgebase. Full documentation of the available WordPress plugin settings can be found in our LSCWP documentation.

The QUIC.cloud Image Optimization Dashboard

If you have a QUIC.cloud account, you can monitor Image Optimization requests and purchase more quota from your QUIC.cloud Dashboard.

Visit your QUIC.cloud Dashboard, select the domain you wish to use, and then select Image Optimization.

Image Optimization Overview

The first section will show an overview of the most recently optimized images and an indicator of the online service’s current status.

Image Optimization Usage

Scroll down to see usage information for the current month. You can see how many Fast Queue requests you are entitled to, how many you have already used, and how many you have remaining.

Below that is a reminder of the QUIC.cloud tiers, and how many monthly free requests you are allowed under each tier. It also displays the tier that QUIC.cloud has detected for your domain. If you feel this tier has been incorrectly detected, please see Fixing an Incorrect Free Quota Tier.

Image Optimization Subscriptions

Scroll down some more, and you will see any monthly subscriptions that are available for you to purchase. With Image Optimization, standard queue usage is always free, so if you are content with the speed of that, you shouldn’t need any subscriptions. However, the subscriptions are handy if you have a lot of images to get through and you’d like them processed as quickly as possible.

Subscriptions allow you to increase your fast queue quota, jump to the front of the line, or increase the number of images you can send per batch. Just remember these are monthly packages, and as such you will be charged for them every month until you cancel.

Below the subscriptions is a pay-as-you-go option. Use this to increase your fast queue quota on an ad-hoc basis. You can manage this manually, or enable auto-refill to top up your quota whenever you are running low.

Please see Quota and Credits for Online Services to learn more about paying for additional quota.

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