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Using QUIC.cloud via WP-CLI

Using QUIC.cloud via WP-CLI

WordPress power users often take advantage of the WP-CLI command-line interface. WP-CLI allows you to simply perform admin actions that would normally require you to visit your site’s WordPress Dashboard in a browser. The LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress provides a collection of WP-CLI commands, including several for controlling QUIC.cloud Online Services.

There are two types of WP-CLI commands available for QUIC.cloud:

  • Online Services, which deals with big-picture items such as API keys and node detection
  • Image Optimization, which controls certain aspects of the image optimization service

Because WP-CLI is by design a WordPress function, we have only provided an overview here in our QUIC.cloud Knowledgebase. Full documentation of the available LiteSpeed and QUIC.cloud commands can be found in our WordPress plugin documentation.

Online Services

QUIC.cloud Online Services commands are accessed this way:

wp litespeed-online <options>

As of this writing, the following options are available:

  • Generate API Key
  • Sync Data
  • List Cloud Services
  • List Nodes in Use
  • Detect Closest Node

Please see LSCWP WP-CLI Online Services for more details.

Image Optimization

QUIC.cloud Image Optimization commands are accessed this way:

wp litespeed-image <options>

As of this writing, the following options are available:

  • Push Images
  • Pull Images
  • Get Status
  • Clean Up
  • Remove Original Backups

Please see LSCWP WP-CLI Image Optimization for more details.

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