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Image Optimization Problems

If you are experiencing image optimization problems, you can check your QUIC.cloud Dashboard to see HTTP Response codes that may help.

Image Optimization Status

Navigate to Image Optimization and you will see information about your domain’s requests.

If there are no errors displayed in the Status area, the problem may not be on the QUIC.cloud side. In that case, you can see our WordPress plugin’s comprehensive image optimization troubleshooting documentation.

If there is an error message, it will indicate the HTTP response code that our image optimization servers received when attempting to fetch your image. Depending on the response code, you will have to apply some fixes to get it working properly.

For example, a 404 error code means that QUIC.cloud could not find the image. In that case, you would first verify whether the image exists at the given path, and go from there.

If you’re not sure what to do for a given error code, our support team can help. Before you open a ticket, though, please grab your Report Number from the LSCWP plugin, so we can know more about your WordPress configuration.

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