CDN Plans and Pricing​

Free Plan

Simple, no-cost plan with unlimited bandwidth across selected PoPs and basic security.

100% free, no hidden costs.

Standard Plan

A full-service plan with extensive global network of PoPs and advanced security features.

Free quota each month, then pricing by region.

Plan Comparison​

Power users will enjoy the features of’s Standard Plan while the Free Plan is the simplest way to get started.

Free Plan Standard Plan
CDN Nodes
6 in the USA and EU
82 in global network
Static Cache
Dynamic Cache
SSL Certificate
DDos Protection
Advanced and configurable
WordPress Brute Force Defense
XML-RPC restrictions
WordPress-specific security measures
Access Control
Traffic Management
Cloudflare Integration
Maintenance Mode
Monthly free quota,
then bandwidth cost by region

Standard Plan Cost Details

The actual amount of free bandwidth and the cost of CDN service under the Standard Plan vary by the domain’s tier and by the region where traffic originates.

Under the Standard Plan, bandwidth regularly costs between 2 cents and 8 cents per GB in USD, depending on region.

Region Cost per GB in USD
North America
Europe (except Russia)
Latin America
Middle East

Each domain gets up to 20GB of free bandwidth every month.

Complimentary credit is given for use with the Standard Plan. The amount is calculated by Tier, and is based on the cost of 1GB of traffic through North America (NA).

Tier Free Credit Equivalent to NA Traffic
LiteSpeed Server
LiteSpeed Enterprise
10GB Hosting Partner

This free credit is given every month, and may be spent in any region, not just North America. It does not roll over.

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The Partner tier is coming soon, and will apply to you, if your website is hosted by one of our Hosting Partners. Hosting Partners may set their own quotas and pricing. If you’ve been assigned the Partner tier, please see your hosting provider for details regarding your CDN costs.

Buying Additional Credit​

If a domain runs out of free credit to use under the Standard Plan, more may be purchased in the Store.

Note: While it is our goal to keep bandwidth prices as low as possible, reserves the right to adjust these rates up or down in the future.
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