Services and Features

Our CDN and Online Services optimize the content on your WordPress site, and deliver it faster, no matter where your visitors live. can improve user experience, core web vitals, page speed score, and search engine ranking. Explore these features to learn how we do it.

Content Delivery Network CDN is a content delivery network capable of serving tens of thousands of simultaneous requests, via a network of nodes distributed strategically around the world. features cutting-edge HTTP/3 support and important WordPress security features. And, unlike other CDN’s, partners with LiteSpeed Cache to serve both static and dynamic WordPress content.

In other words, CDN serves your entire WordPress site, quickly and securely.

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Global Delivery’s highly scalable, feature rich, global content delivery network is built on top of LiteSpeed’s state-of-the-art server stack. Reach your visitors fast, no matter where they live.

  • Serves your WordPress sites at the network edge with low TTFB.
  • Features less than 10ms average latency in North America and Europe.
  • Delivers global coverage with a growing network of 84 PoPs.

QUIC and HTTP/3 Library

LiteSpeed’s open source, fully functional LSQUIC library allows to deliver content via the cutting edge HTTP/3 internet protocol. is the first and only CDN to support HTTP/3 connections end to end, from client browser to backend server.

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LiteSpeed Cache CDN is integrated with LiteSpeed’s highly-customizable caching solution for WordPress. This partnership makes it possible to accurately cache dynamic content at the CDN level.

  • Caches complex dynamic content with private cache and ESI support.
  • Supports caching separate views based on device, user group, currency and more.
  • Automatically performs targeted purges based on WordPress events.
  • Allows cache exclusion by URI, Category, Tag, Cookie or User Agent
  • Supports WooCommerce and bbPress.
  • Supports caching for all backend servers, even non-LiteSpeed servers.

Security protects your site at the CDN level, leaving you free to worry about other things.

  • Mitigates large-scale brute-force attacks common in WordPress environments.
  • Under abnormally high traffic conditions, CDN-level reCAPTCHA kicks in to challenge non-Trusted visitors.
  • Provides advanced Layer-7 DDoS protection.
  • Includes Web Application Firewall (WAF) Rules for WordPress.
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DNS Service’s 100% FREE built-in DNS service allows you to optionally simplify your site’s CDN setup with automated DNS configuration.

  • Is an Authoritative DNS service.
  • Provides global coverage with Anycast technology.
  • Delivers superior geographic routing results when used together with CDN service.

Online Services’s content delivery network is just the beginning.

With Online Services for WordPress, you can optimize your images, streamline your CSS, improve Page Experience, and increase your page speed score.

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Image Optimization’s 100% FREE Image Optimization service processes your uploaded images, and returns the smallest possible images without sacrificing quality.

  • Minimize image size with multiple optimization methods, and improve LCP for Core Web Vitals.
  • Generate copies in the efficient WebP format.
  • Process media library images automatically in the background, without waiting for a cache hit.

Page Optimization’s Page Optimization services address CSS bloat, and improve the user experience during page load, leading to improved page speed scores.

  • Critical CSS (CCSS): load visible above-the-fold content faster and with full styling.
  • Unique CSS (UCSS): remove unused style definitions for a speedier page load overall.
  • Low Quality Image Placeholder (LQIP): give your imagery a more pleasing look as it lazy loads, and improve CLS for Core Web Vitals.
  • Viewport Images (VPI): provide a well-polished fully-loaded view above the fold, with this lazy load exclusion service, customized by URL.
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