DNS Service​

QUIC.cloud CDN includes optional Authoritative DNS service, with global coverage at no additional cost.

Simplify your site’s CDN setup

Try this better alternative to CNAME records. What you get with QUIC.cloud DNS:

100% FREE Authoritative DNS service

Global coverage with Anycast technology

Better alternative to CNAME records

Superior geographic routing results

Ease of use

Why Switch to QUIC.cloud DNS?

Some DNS providers do not support CNAME flattening or ANAME/ALIAS records, but such a feature is required in order to use QUIC.cloud CDN with a root domain.

If you need to serve a root domain, and your DNS provider doesn’t support it, you can quickly and easily transfer your DNS service to QUIC.cloud. Problem solved!

QUIC.cloud DNS detects your current DNS configuration and provides a simple management interface, accessible right from your QUIC.cloud dashboard.

Unlike standard DNS which bases your records on a single server, Anycast DNS duplicates your records around the world. This is both a time saver when resolving your site’s address, and an improvement in reliability.

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