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Security-conscious site admins have been protecting themselves with various WordPress plugins since the first time somebody got hacked. And while plugins have their place, nothing beats the effectiveness of stopping attackers at the CDN level, before they can do serious damage to your site or its resources.

Total Protection CDN’s Standard Plan includes these protections for your domains, at no additional cost:

Brute-Force Attack Protection​’s built-in WordPress Brute-Force Attack Protection mitigates large-scale brute-force attacks common in WordPress environments.

Brute Force attacks usually target wp-login.php and xmlrpc.php pages with repeated attempts to guess a valid username and password. WordPress does not natively limit the number of login attempts, giving attackers ample opportunity gain admin access and hack your site.

Such attacks can be relentless and have been known to bring down entire servers.’s Brute Force protection works at the CDN level, and no extra plugin is required.

CDN-level reCAPTCHA​

It’s common practice to protect login pages and form submissions from abuse with reCAPTCHA challenges, but by the time these application-level reCAPTCHA challenges are issued, precious server resources are being used to handle the barrage of requests, and your site is slowing down, or worse, crashing completely.

With, reCAPTCHA is employed at the CDN level to repel DDoS attack. Malicious actors are stopped before they have the opportunity to hit any application pages or consume any site resources. This umbrella of protection keeps your site moving quickly and smoothly.

reCAPTCHA only takes effect when detects an attack, and the sensitivity level is configurable on a site-by-site basis.

Layer-7 DDoS Protection

Layer 7 is also known as the Application Layer. Application Layer attacks are particularly effective because they consume server resources as well as network resources. And they are common because they take relatively few resources to launch. CDN uses sophisticated, statistics-based sensing for detecting Layer 7 DDoS attacks and vigilantly thwarts attacks in progress.

Custom-Targeted Protections

With configurable allowlist and blocklist capabilities, CDN puts access control in your hands. Allow or block visitors by IP address, user agent, or visitor geolocation.

Web Application Firewall Rules CDN provides Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection. Keep your domain safe with intelligent Botnet detection, and automatic blocking of known malicious IP addresses.

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