Page Optimization’s Page Optimization services reduce CSS bloat and page loading inefficiencies.

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Critical CSS

Use’s Critical CSS (CCSS) service to slash your site’s perceived load time, present fully styled above-the-fold content, and achive faster First Contentful Paint (FCP).

CCSS is the minimum CSS code necessary to format content for the first paint. CCSS is inserted inline with the page’s HTML. Then, even if the full CSS files are loaded more slowly than the page HTML, your site avoids the dreaded Flash of Unstyled Content (FOUC).

Unique CSS

Use’s Unique CSS (UCSS) service to remove unused CSS definitions and bloat, and achieve a speedier page load overall.

UCSS is the exact CSS code necessary to style a particular page from start to finish. By combining all of the page’s inline and external CSS into a single file, and discarding any elements that are not in use by the current page, file size is dramatically reduced, and precious processing time is saved.

Low-Quality Image Placeholders

Use’s Low-Quality Image Placeholder (LQIP) service to minimize Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) in a stylish way.

Lazy loading typcially comes with a standard grey box, holding the place of your full-size images. With LQIP, those generic stand-ins are replaced with blurred and minified versions of your original full-size images. They give your users a hint of what’s to come, and make your site stand out from the crowd, all while keeping the CLS Core Web Vital in the green zone.

Viewport Images

Placeholders have their place, but that place shouldn’t be above the fold! If the first screenful of content your visitors see is dominated by image placeholders, VPI can help.

Customized for each URL, calculates a list of images that will be visible on a standard screen. Those images are then excluded from lazy loading for that URL. The result is beautiful above-the-fold imagery fully displayed without delay.


Every month, gives your domain free requests for the two CSS services, and the LQIP service. When you run out of freebies, you can simply wait for them to replenish the following month, or you can buy more instantly.

CCSS and UCSS: Your domain will receive between 200 and 4000 shared CCSS and UCSS requests for free each month. Additional requests cost between 0.033 and 0.06 cents per request.

LQIP: Your domain will receive between 100 and 2000 LQIP requests for free each month. Additional requests cost 0.067 cents per request.

The actual number of freebies and cost of services vary by the domain’s tier and by the package ordered.

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