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The First and Only Complete WordPress Caching Solution on a Global CDN Scale

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A cached site is a fast site. The more elements of your WordPress site that you can cache, the better. Most CDNs can easily handle static resources like images, CSS, and Javascript. But they falter when it comes to dynamic full-page caching. is the first and only CDN with the ability to cache dynamic WordPress pages. With, you can take advantage of LiteSpeed's intelligent caching, even if you don't have a LiteSpeed web server! hooks into the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin for easy management.



First came HTTP. Then SPDY and HTTP/2. Now there is QUIC. It's the next generation of internet protocols, and it's faster and more secure than HTTP/2.

You can future-proof your site with the only CDN that can serve your site over QUIC! Being QUIC-powered means your WordPress site not only gets an impressive performance boost, but also vital protection against DDoS and packet-spoofing attacks.

Advantages CDN
Cache separate desktop and mobile views
Cache separate views by user group
Automatic targeted purge based on WordPress events
Private cache and ESI support for logged-in users
WooCommerce and bbPress support
Allow cache exclusion by URI, Category, Tag, Cookie, User Agent
Powered by QUIC & HTTP/2
Protection from DDoS, brute force, and other attacks

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Features is always innovating, always adapting new technologies, and always chasing fresh ideas for the distribution and protection of your content. With you get dynamic Brotli compression, TLS 1.3 support, QUIC, HTTP/2, and more!
QUIC Protocol

Powered by QUIC


LiteSpeed Cache for flexible caching of dynamic pages

Static Caching

Caching of static content such as images, CSS, and JavaScript

Security Protection

Protection from DDoS attack and packet-spoofing


SSL encryption

Global CDN

Global network for fast content delivery

Server Push

Server Push to minimize the number of requests


ESI Support for e-commerce caching

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