Cloudfare Integration

Easy no-risk automated setup for Cloudflare users

Are You Curious?

So you are a Cloudflare user and you want to try

But you don’t want to mess around with DNS settings.

And you want to be able to put everything back the way it was, if you change your mind.’s Cloudflare Integration feature has got you covered.

Easy On, Easy Off

Let us handle DNS configuration.

Cloudflare Integration will:

  • Back up your domain’s existing DNS settings
  • Generate a wildcard SSL certificate for your domain
  • Point your domain’s DNS to CDN
  • Enable CDN for your domain

And, if you are not 100% in love with, Cloudflare Integration will put everything back exactly as it was before.

SSL Without the Wait

Other domains that use the CNAME method to manually set up their DNS may experience a short gap in SSL coverage upon enabling the CDN.

But with Cloudflare Integration, we can generate your domain’s SSL certificate before pointing your DNS to This means that your domain has SSL coverage the moment the CDN is enabled.

Get Started Today

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Pair your WordPress site with
  2. Create a account
  3. Enable Cloudflare Integration