Image Optimization​’s 100% FREE Image Optimization service reduces the size of your image files without sacrificing quality. Smaller images transfer more quickly and keep your WordPress site fast.

Shrink your images, and serve them faster.

Here’s what you can expect with Image Optimization:

Multiple optimization methods

Next-generation WebP image format

Background processing

Improved LCP and FCP scores

Automatic Media Library optimization

Why Optimize Your Images?

Images can have an enormous impact on the speed of a website. Large, high-quality images take a long time to transmit.’s Image Optimization feature takes your original JPG and PNG images, condenses them for quicker transport, and optionally saves them in the efficient WebP format.

Plus, images are automatically optimized in batches in the background. This means as soon as you upload new images to the media library, they are added to an Image Optimization Queue for processing. Unlike other services, doesn’t require a cache hit before submitting an image for optimization.

With Image Optimization, builds the smallest possible image while retaining the same quality as the original. Speed up your site, and improve Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and First Contentful Paint (FCP) scores along the way!

Power Ups​

Image Optimization via the “Standard Queue” is 100% free, but you can enhance your image optimization experience with one or more of these three power-ups:

The “Fast Queue” power-up

Free for up to 20,000 images per month. Additional Fast Queue usage may be purchased, if necessary.

The “Priority Line” power-up

Available via monthly subscription, and puts your images near the front of the line no matter which queue they are in.

The “Jumbo Group” power-up

Available via monthly subscription and allows you to send more images at one time.

The actual number of free Fast Queue images varies by the domain’s tier.

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