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As a hosting provider, you play an integral role in our vision for

Your feedback has been the driving source behind many of our recent developments, including generous packages reserved for your clients, truly anonymous API keys, and enhanced quota offerings in the free tiers.

We continue to seek your suggestions as we grow to its full potential! Join our Partner Network and/or become a Sponsor today.


For contributing a node to, we will list your business on a Sponsorship page. Sponsors have the following options available:

Bring straight to your own customers. We are currently accepting donation CDN nodes.

Contribute a node server as a POP, and contribute to the growth of This option is for bigger companies with bandwidth to spare and good network connectivity. (We have the ability to limit node traffic to prevent any unexpected bills to the hosts.)

When you host a CDN node, your own clients will enjoy CDN service from a geographically beneficial server.

We are looking for high quality providers. If you are interested please fill out this form:

Contribute a server for non-CDN online services (such as Image Optimization). We are looking for high-quality hosting businesses with spare capacity to host and maintain service nodes for

This will most directly benefit your own clients. When they request a service, those requests are made as locally as possible. For your clients it doesn’t get much more local than a node on your own network. A secondary benefit will be additional exposure to potential customers, through a listing on the Sponsor page.

What We Need:​

High frequency CPUs to be used for image optimization servers, CCSS servers, and/or LQIP servers. No LXC or OpenVZ, please. We prefer KVM with CPU flags exposed, or dedicated servers.

What you can expect:​

  • A few terabytes of traffic per month (if you have more cores, you will receive more traffic).
  • High CPU usage.

If you are interested, please fill out this form:

After filling out the form, one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!


(Not available yet, but coming soon!)

Are you a hosting provider or a CDN service interested in collaboration and profit-sharing? We are extending an invitation to all parties to discuss a mutually beneficial partnership.

As a Hosting Partner, your customers will enjoy considerably higher free quota and discounts on services. Partners are able to participate in the following way:


Add value to your available client packages by including services. We feel this is the best path to organic growth, which can benefit all of us.

Please stay tuned for more information.


The Team

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