Get More Credits provides a free quota allowance for each service every month. If you need more quota for a particular service, you can use credits to purchase a subscription or pay-as-you-go quota. Credits may be purchased through the store.

You must have a account to purchase credits and apply them to Online Services. Your credit balance in maintained in your Dashboard.

Social Share FREE

Credits may be earned when you spread the word about to your social network.

Please keep in mind that social share credits are earned for a particular domain and cannot be transferred between multiple domains.

Through Twitter

Upon reaching various milestones (for example, 1000 optimized images), you will be given an opportunity to share a Twitter post in exchange for credits. Visit the Earn Credits Through Social Promotion area to see available social shares.

You will need to grant permission to share the post on your behalf. If you are not comfortable granting permission to, please use the Technical Articles method instead.

Through Technical Articles

You can apply for free credits when you share an article or tweet promoting A member of our team will review your submission and apply credits to your account, if approved. The number of credits will depend on the submission. Please allow 10 business days for approval.

Buy Credits

Visit the Store, choose the number of credits you wish to purchase, and add the product to the cart. Discounts apply when you buy in bulk.

Check out with PayPal or credit card. Once the purchase is approved, the credits are available in your account immediately. You do not need to apply them to a domain or service right away. Leave them in your account-level credit balance until you need them.

You can learn more about credits and billing in our Knowledge Base.