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Cache your entire WordPress site at the CDN level.

Most CDNs only deal with static content, but CDN uses LiteSpeed to cache the whole site: images, CSS, Javascript, and the dynamic HTML page itself. LiteSpeed Cache integration is included in’s CDN service at no additional cost.

What is LiteSpeed Cache?

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) is a free and open source WordPress plugin. It dramatically reduces page load times through an intelligent server-level page cache.

Provides advanced cache-management tools

Caches complex dynamic content with ESI support

Handles traffic spikes with ease

Precisely manages cache through powerful tag-based Smart Purge technology

Turbo-charges your WordPress site with minimal fuss

The LiteSpeed Cache experience is normally reserved for those with a LiteSpeed web server product, but with, even nginx and Apache users can enjoy the full benefits of LSCWP.

Why Caching Dynamic Content Matters

Combine’s global network, and LiteSpeed’s intelligent dynamic cache management tool, and you can provide worldwide access to every page of your site, FAST. noticeably reduces Time to First Byte (TTFB), by avoiding extra requests to your site’s server.

Other CDNs must retrieve all dynamic requests from the site’s server before delivering the content to the visitor. But can serve your WordPress pages immediately from CDN cache upon request.

Plus, caching your entire site in this way improves Core Web Vitals such as First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), too.

Gone are the days of caching only static resources. With the ability to intelligently cache the entire WordPress site on a worldwide scale, is here to take Content Delivery Networks to the next level.

Why Nobody Does Dynamic Cache like with LightSpeed Cache is uniquely positioned to expertly handle your site’s dynamic content.

Cache tags

for intelligent purging of related content


for pages that are traditionally uncacheable, like shopping carts

Cache varies

for situations where multiple cache copies of a single page are required, like sites with more than one language, multiple currencies, or separate mobile and desktop themes

LiteSpeed Cache handles these situations like a pro, and brings this advanced caching to the CDN level.

Not Ready to Commit to a CDN?​

The LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress works with any LiteSpeed server, no CDN required.

Online Services with
the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

Even if you have chosen not to use CDN, the LiteSpeed Cache plugin allows you to take advantage of’s Online Services.

Image Optimization and Page Optimization (Critical CSS, Unique CSS, VPI, and Low-Quality Image Placeholders) are all configured and managed from the LSCache plugin, but the work is done on the servers.

With Online Services, you get all of the benefits of WordPress optimization without the heavy impact on your server resources!

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