Do I have to use the CDN to use the other services?

No.¬†While the CDN is’s flagship service, it is not required that you use the CDN, if you wish to take advantage of’s Online Services. All of the services are independent of each other. You can use all of the services, or choose only the one or two that you need.

What services does provide? provides two types of services: A Content Delivery Network (CDN) Online Services for WordPress In general, the CDN’s purpose is to minimize the distance your content needs to travel, while the Online Services minimize the volume of content that needs to be transmitted. CDN serves your content quickly and securely to a global … Read more

Can I host my website with

No. provides CDN service and online optimization services, and does not host your site. If you do not currently have a host for your website, you might like one of these hosting providers.

What is is a CDN and Online Services provider for WordPress created by the team at LiteSpeed Technologies. CDN is a high-performance Content Delivery Network service that provides cutting-edge HTTP/3 support and important WordPress security features. It is the first and only CDN to partner with LiteSpeed Cache to deliver both static and dynamic WordPress … Read more