I’ve purchased credit. Now what?

When you purchase credit, it is deposited into your account. It is not automatically allocated for any services. If you need quota or bandwidth for a particular service, you must allocate the credit to that service. Here’s how: Go to your QUIC.cloud Dashboard and select your domain. Click the name of the service you wish to allocate … Read more

I ordered credit, but am still seeing a daily limit error. What can I do?

It’s possible the LiteSpeed Cache plugin is not seeing your purchased credit for some reason. There are two things you can try: Refresh your domain key: From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > General and press the Refresh Domain Key button. Sync your credit allowance: From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > Dashboard. … Read more

What are the differences between the CDN Free Plan and the Standard Plan

The Free Plan is a simple, no-cost plan with unlimited bandwidth. It works on a smaller pool of PoPs, and does not include DDoS protection features. The Standard Plan features advanced DDoS security, and use of QUIC.cloud’s entire global PoP network. Domains are given a certain amount of free bandwidth every month, and additional bandwidth … Read more

Can I transfer quota from one of my domains to another?

Any quota that you previously added to a service via Pay-As-You-Go may be converted to dollars and transferred back to your Account Balance. Look for the Convert Balance link under your Current PAYG Balance display in the Pay as You Go section. Click the link to convert your quota back into account-level credit. Once the … Read more

What happens if I use more than the allotted CDN bandwidth?

Under the Standard Plan, if you exceed your allotted free bandwidth quota before the end of the month (and you have not purchased PAYG quota), the CDN will be bypassed automatically and visitor requests will be directed to your domain’s origin server. When the quota refreshes at the beginning of the next month CDN service … Read more

How much free bandwidth does QUIC.cloud CDN give me?

It depends on your plan. Under the Standard Plan, QUIC.cloud provides free bandwidth quota that resets every month. Beyond that, you are free to purchase additional bandwidth as necessary, without limit. The amount of free bandwidth your site receives is controlled by a Tier System, which depends on the site’s origin server. If you feel … Read more