Why are some QUIC.cloud IPs blacklisted?

From time to time, QUIC.cloud IP addresses are blacklisted on reputation services like MxToolbox. This happens because reputation services will usually blacklist the entire subnetwork when an IP becomes problematic. So, if a service or provider gets blacklisted for sending spam email, for example, and that server’s IP is in the same subnetwork as a … Read more

Can blacklisted IPs affect my email service?

If a QUIC.cloud IP address is blacklisted, it has no impact on your email service whatsoever. Your email service uses your origin server’s IP. You can take a look at the mail delivery SPF records to verify this. They should look something like v=spf1 a mx ip4:123.456.789.123 ~all. The numbers listed after ip4 will be … Read more

My domain’s IP doesn’t match my server IP. Was my DNS hacked?

No. This is expected behavior. If you use a DNS Propagation Checker (like this one), and it shows a variety of different IP addresses, that is a good thing. Each of those IP addresses belongs to a QUIC.cloud PoP. When you see so many different IPs listed, it is proof that QUIC.cloud is serving your … Read more

What happens if I have a non-WordPress site at the same domain?

The simplest answer is that “it’s complicated.” Having multiple web apps at the same domain may or may not be problematic. Because the whole domain must be pointed to QUIC.cloud, the WordPress site will be fine, but any others at that domain could potentially experience caching issues, especially if they are running other web apps … Read more

How can I tell if my DNS is configured correctly?

If your domain passed DNS Verification, then your DNS is most likely configured correctly. To be sure, try pinging your site twice: First use your site’s domain (for example, example.com or www.example.com) Then use the URL that QUIC.cloud provided to you (for example c12345.tier1.quicns.com) The IP addresses returned from both pings should match. Alternatively, visit … Read more

Is DNS verification required, and if so, why?

Yes and no. It is required if you are using QUIC.cloud CDN, but it is not required if you are only using the Online Services (Image Optimization, Page Optimization, etc.). DNS verification is our way of making sure that your DNS is configured correctly for use with QUIC.cloud CDN. During the test, we toggle the … Read more

How do I use my root domain (such as example.com) with QUIC.cloud CDN?

To use your root (or apex) domain with QUIC.cloud, your DNS must support CNAME flattening or ANAME/ALIAS records. If your DNS provider does not support CNAME flattening, then the only way to use your root domain with QUIC.cloud is to switch your DNS provider. QUIC.cloud offers a free DNS service if you need one. Our … Read more