How do I delete my Domain Key from the LiteSpeed Cache plugin?

A Domain Key is required in order to use services. If you no longer want to use services, or you want to reset your LiteSpeed Cache plugin back to a state for troubleshooting purposes, it is possible to remove your Domain Key. There is no button for this, however you can remove … Read more

I have a great idea for Where can I share it?

We welcome your suggestions and ideas, and we have a Slack channel just for that: #suggestion-box-wp-qc If you haven’t already, first join our GoLiteSpeed Slack community. Once you’re in, hop over to the #suggestion-box-wp-qc channel and let us know what is on your mind!

Why are my requests for Online Services being rejected?

If your requests for Page Optimization or other online services are being rejected, there are two possible reasons: You have run out of free quota for the month, and have not purchased additional quota. You still have free quota, but you have reached a daily limit. (Learn more about daily limits.) If you’ve completely used … Read more

How do I handle an Invalid Certificate error?

If you are using a certificate, you can regenerate it. In the CDN Config area of your Dashboard, press the Generate Certificate button. If you have supplied an SSL certificate of your own, please ensure that it is valid.

I don’t see an x-qc-cache response for my CSS, JS or Images. Why not?

Images, CSS, and JavaScript are static files. In order for them to be cached by at least one of two things must happen: You have set Static Cache to ON in the CDN Config section of your Dashboard. The backend server provides an Expires or Cache-Control response header.

How can I tell if CDN is caching my site?

The easiest way to check whether is caching your site is to use the LSCache Check tool. This tool will indicate whether your site supports LSCache, and then it will tell you whether the page is cached at the origin server via LSCache or whether it’s cached by It will also show you … Read more