Does the LiteSpeed Cache crawler also crawl CDN?

Yes. The crawler included in the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin will populate the cache at the origin server (but only if it is a LiteSpeed server), and also the cache at the PoP closest to the origin server.

Under the current CDN cache policy, pages are stored at a PoP for 24 hours from the last access. So, pages that don’t see much traffic will be removed from the PoP’s cache after about a day, but pages that are accessed at least once daily will remain in CDN cache up to 7 days.

Future plans include tiered regional caching, which will increase the CDN cache hit rate and allow us to cache pages in a nearby node longer term.

Please note: if the General > Server IP option is set in the LSCache plugin, the crawler will directly populate the cache for the server at that IP, essentially bypassing If you wish for the local PoP to be included in your site’s cache crawl, then you need to leave Site IP blank.