QUIC.cloud Service Outage 2023-09-07

An unexpected issue occurred today during regular maintenance, causing widespread downtime for all domains using QUIC.cloud CDN. The downtime was caused by a temporary loss of data, which needed manual intervention to repopulate. This was completed within one hour and forty-five minutes, by which time all domains were again fully operational.

Switch from Cloudflare for Better TTFB

QUIC.cloud brings a plethora of new features and performance to WordPress websites. One of its major features is that it helps you to improve your SEO by improving your website’s Time to First Byte (TTFB), which will help Google to open your website faster and get it a better ranking. See how easy it is to switch from Cloudflare to QUIC.cloud for better TTFB!

Why Should I Switch to QUIC.cloud?

You may be wondering whether QUIC.cloud could replace your current CDN on your WordPress sites. Here we attempt to answer the question “Why Switch to QUIC.cloud?” by addressing some of the specific concerns that you may have.