What web servers are compatible with QUIC.cloud CDN?

All of them!

QUIC.cloud CDN acts as a reverse proxy content delivery network. It does not take the place of a web server, so your site must have its own. You can use any web server software. LiteSpeed Web Server, Apache, Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed, and others are all compatible with QUIC.cloud.

The LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress (LSCWP) is the bridge that allows QUIC.cloud to work with any server.

One of the great benefits of QUIC.cloud CDN is that it opens up LSCWP caching functionality for everyone. Usually these functions are reserved for use with a LiteSpeed web server. However, QUIC.cloud CDN gives you the ability to cache your site with LSCWP, even if you are running nginx, Apache, or some other server software.