Introducing DNS

We are pleased to announce DNS!

What is DNS?

In order for (or any CDN) to work properly, DNS is required. A DNS (Domain Name System) translates domain names to IP addresses, and facilitates the transfer of information around the internet. With’s new DNS service, you no longer have to configure a separate DNS provider for use with our CDN. You can configure DNS right from your dashboard, for full CDN integration.

Setup is Easy DNS detects your current DNS configuration and provides an easy-to-use interface. You can easily modify and adjust your DNS records as needed.

Why use DNS?

Root Domain Support

Many DNS providers do not support CNAME flattening or ANAME/ALIAS records, but such a feature is required in order to use CDN with a root domain. By letting handle your DNS needs, you enable root domain support for the CDN service.

Accurate Geo-Routing

When you take advantage of’s built-in DNS, you get better integration with the CDN itself, but more importantly, you get potentially more accurate geolocation for your visitors. This matters because can make a more informed decision about which node to serve a request from, when it has a correct visitor location.

We’ve seen other DNS providers use databases that are rarely up to date. And we’ve seen other DNS providers rely on a proxy IP address rather than the visitor’s own IP. In such situations, it is not uncommon for the DNS to report an incorrect visitor location. Acting on bad information, the CDN then serves content from a less-than-ideal node location.’s new DNS service uses a feature called ECS (EDNS-Client-Subnet), whereby a visitor’s subnet is provided as part of the DNS query. This allows us to use accurate location information to make better informed node selections. Better node selection means your site travels a shorter distance to your visitors, which means a faster, better user experience.

Get Started DNS is available only for users of the CDN. It is included free of charge, and is ready to use today! You can find DNS on your dashboard. Check out our setup guide, too. — Thank you to Kacey Schroeder and Lucas Rolff for their contributions to this post.

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