The CDN Free Plan

Introducing the CDN Free Plan!

The Free Plan offers unlimited bandwidth through a network of selected PoPs in North America and Europe. And, as the name suggests, it is completely free of charge.

Comparing Free and Standard Plans

Our original Standard Plan is still available for domains that want the full CDN global network of nodes, and advanced DDoS protection, but the pricing structure can be potentially complicated.

On the other hand, the Free Plan is easy as pie. Pricing is simple to understand because there is none: it’s 100% FREE!

The table below shows the main differences between the two plans.

Free PlanStandard Plan
CDN NodesSelected PoPs in North America and EuropeFull global network of PoPs
BandwidthUnlimitedFirst several GB free, with ability to purchase more as needed
SecurityBasicConfigurable DDoS Protection
AnalyticsRecent onlyAvailable for a full year
CostFREEBandwidth charged by region

If you’ve never used CDN (or any CDN) before, the Free Plan is an excellent starting point. And if you decide later that your site would benefit from additional DDoS protection, or a wider network of nodes, then switching to the Standard Plan is easy to do.

Note that these are CDN plans. Pricing for Online Services like Image Optimization and Page Optimization is handled separately.

Free Plan vs Free Credit

Let’s talk for a moment about the tier-based free credit that is available for Standard Plan users.

The fact is, everyone gets free credit every month, even Free Plan users. So, while the Free Plan does not consume any of this credit, it is available to you if you want to try out the Standard Plan at any time.

How to Switch Plans

For existing users who want to try the Free Plan, switching from the default Standard Plan is simple. Visit your Dashboard for the domain you wish to change, and navigate to the CDN > CDN Plans section.

Switch to CDN Free Plan

Click the Change to Free button. A pop-up window will provide you with further details.

Switch to CDN Free Plan

Click the Change to Free button to confirm you want to switch to the Free Plan.

If you decide later that you want to go back to the Standard Plan, that is equally as simple. Navigate again to your Dashboard’s CDN > CDN Plans section.

Switch to CDN Standard Plan

Press the Change to Standard button.

Switch to CDN Standard Plan

When the pop up window appears, select the regions you wish to use under the Standard Plan, and click the Change to Standard button to confirm.


The new Free Plan is easy as pie! It’s a simple, no-cost way to get started with CDN. For more detailed information about both the Free and Standard CDN pricing plans, please see our Knowledge Base.

Please Note: All pricing and feature information is correct at the time of this writing, but these are subject to change at any time. While we will do our best to keep this blog post up to date, please be aware that your Dashboard is the final authority when it comes to pricing and available features.

6 thoughts on “The CDN Free Plan”

  1. why don’t you mention that if cdn credits expire, disables dns completely and the site is unavailable? then there is an ssl certificate error. Once the credits are exhausted, the plan should switch to a free plan
    I use cname and cloudflare, How can I solve this problem with ssl?

    • Hi, Adam. The Free Plan doesn’t use credits. Bandwidth is unlimited, so there will never be a situation like you describe.

      I am guessing that you are actually on the Standard Plan, and your free credits have been used up. In this situation, the CDN is bypassed, and requests go directly to your origin server. This should not cause your site to be unavailable unless there is a problem at your own server.

      If your site is inaccessible after the CDN is bypassed, please open a ticket so the support team can help you out. That shouldn’t happen.

      • I have problem
        I try add my website for your services in
        The problem is with the continuous dns verification although they are correct and creating the ssl certificate
        It looks like the certificate cannot be created
        Previously I tried to use my own from zerossl but changed to automatic and this problem is still there

        I wrote to your emails to support but nobody answered me.

        • I checked our ticket system, and I see a response was entered 18 hours ago. It’s possible the response took a bit longer than usual because it was a holiday weekend in the US. In general, though, support tickets are answered much more quickly than blog comments. We appreciate your patience.

    • They vary. We allocate six nodes in North America and Europe for Free Plan access, but the locations vary based on traffic, node availability, and other factors.


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