Common Quota Problems and How to Solve Them’s features run on “quota” and once in a while you might experience a problem with quota or the credit used to purchase it. Here are some of the most commonly reported quota problems and their solutions.

Incorrect Tier for Free Quota Quota Problem: Incorrect Tier
Every month, your site receives free quota to spend on WordPress services. If you are on the CDN Standard Plan, you also receive free credit to spend on CDN bandwidth. Unlike credit that you purchase, which stays in your account until you spend it, free quota and bandwidth reset at the beginning of every month. They do not roll over.

The amount of free quota varies by service, but the tier system controls them all. As of this writing, these are the available tiers:

  • Basic: the base level of free quota, available to anyone using any web server
  • LiteSpeed Server: 5x Basic quota, available to those using a LiteSpeed server like OpenLiteSpeed
  • Enterprise Server: 10x Basic quota, available to those with a LiteSpeed Enterprise license

Another tier, Partner, is coming soon, and will apply to you, if your website is hosted by one of our Hosting Partners. Hosting Partners may set their own quotas and pricing. uses the Server HTTP response header to detect which web server powers your site. As you can see in the list above, those sites with Server: LiteSpeed are entitled to more free quota than those whose sites are running on other servers.

Sometimes, though, if your site is running behind a proxy or a CDN service, that service may mask the LiteSpeed header. In such a scenario, may not be able to detect the free tier quota correctly.

For example, you may be using a shared hosting LiteSpeed server, which entitles you to Enterprise Server-level quota, but you are only receiving Basic quota.

To solve this, you will need to force to correctly detect the tier by temporarily disabling the proxy or CDN service.

Once that is done, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > LiteSpeed Cache > General and click the Refresh Domain Key button. You should receive a new key within a few minutes.

Look at any service on your dashboard to verify that the correct tier is now active for your domain.

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Reached Daily Free Quota Limit Quota Problem: Daily Limit
Because free quota refreshes on the 1st of every month, there is often a heavier-than-normal load on’s Online Services nodes at that time. In order to more fairly distribute the availability of Online Services, we may from time-to-time enable daily usage limits.

There are two important things to note about daily limits:

  • Limits do not apply to CDN bandwidth. There are no daily limits on CDN usage, only on select Online Services
  • Limits do not apply, if you have purchased additional packages or pay-as-you-go quota for the service this month. Limits only apply to exclusively free quota.

When there is a daily quota in effect, you will see it displayed on your LiteSpeed Cache Dashboard in WordPress.

If your requests for Online Services are being rejected, and you still have some free quota in your account, then it is likely that you have reached a daily limit.

If you wish to continue using your services, then you have two options:

  • Wait until tomorrow and the online services will automatically begin processing your requests again.
  • Purchase some Pay-as-you-go quota from your account-level credit balance. (If you need to refill your credit balance, you can do so in our store.)

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New Quota Not Seen by LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

Sometimes when you allocate credit to a domain’s service, the LiteSpeed Cache plugin doesn’t recognize the new quota available.

There are two ways you can try to resync and the LSCache plugin

  • Refresh your domain key: From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > General and press the Refresh Domain Key button.
  • Sync your credit allowance: From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > Dashboard. Click the Refresh button (it should look like a circle made of two curved arrows) next to the Service Usage Statistics section.

One or both of these measures should solve the problem.

How to Get Help With Other Issues

If these tips don’t cover the issue you are having with credit and quota, our support team would be happy to lend you a hand. Drop by our support page and open a ticket!

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  1. Hello!
    I can’t buy credits via PayPal, this payment system doesn’t work in Russia. Your site offers only PayPal as payment.
    Could you write me your account in Webmoney.
    It would be more convenient for companies from Russia to pay for your services and the number of customers would increase.
    Best regards, Eduard Krasnov

    • Hello, Eduard. We also accept credit cards. If you take a look at the checkout page, there are two options: Credit Card, and PayPal. Select Credit Card to pay with Visa, MasterCard, and several other options.
      Hope this helps!

      • Lisa, and one more question. Our server is also located in Russia, is it possible to configure in LiteSpeedCach (WordPress) so that the connection to the cloud node is located in Russia.
        Now the connection is made through cloud nodes located in the USA and Europe, because of this, the response speed drops by 10-15 times.

        • You can control which regional PoPs you use if you go to your Dashboard, navigate to CDN > Summary > Plans, and click the Change Regions link.


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